From a possibility of (virtually) nothing, you were born.

Dear You,

Yes you.

With the imperfections and flaws.

The one that doubts their worth, has the occasional self pity, the one who, like us all, just wants to know how to shine bright in a world full of seven million.


Im glad you made it.

Welcome to One In A Miracle – a blog, designed completely in daily infographics to remind you of the amazing potential you have inside of you.

The premise of this title is to remind you that with every breath you are defying the odds. The chances of you being born are very slim (10^2,685,00) to be exact. Yet, here you are, reading this. Isn’t that amazing? Aren’t you amazing!

In a world that can be full of negativity, this blogs aims to put back positivity and light starting with you and the way you think of yourself.

Every week, being a part of this community will allow you to receive daily quotes, one love letter, and one foodie post/review (because relationship with food is important and I like everyone to know how much I enjoy food).

This is just as much my journey to self love and motivation as it is yours.

Grab my hand and let’s go.




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